About Us

Steve Matela has been exclusively and continuously active in the construction industry since 1986. During the first 5.5 years, Steve was employed by a small construction firm that specialized in residential remodeling. This allowed him diverse exposure and the ability to hone basic skills including: masonry, carpentry, roofing, siding, drywall, and plumbing. During that period, Steve was elevated from a laborer to lead carpenter.

Adding to his experience, in 1991, Steve was hired on as a drywall finisher with a commercial GC. This allowed him to get his foot in the door with a big company that specialized in government contracts. Renovating schools, hospitals, and high rise public housing required a more advanced skill set. While working full time, Steve attended college courses in applied studies that included construction project management. Within short order, Steve was functioning as a punch carpenter and gaining expertise. Working in a low bid environment for extended period of time provides for the sharpening of problem solving skills. The highlight of this 4.5 year period included historic renovation projects. Steve wisely declined the opportunity to become project manager and choose to become self-employed.

In July 1996, Detailed Interiors was established by Steve. At that time, a high demand for residential remodeling was very apparent. Over a period of a few years, Steve sub-contracted for other builders and began obtaining his own clients. Soon, with a growing client base and a demand for projects that required more responsibility, Steve obtained his General Contractors License. In 2000, Detailed Interiors joined the National Association of The Remodeling Industry and Steve obtained three certifications: Certified Remodeler, Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler, and more recently, Universal Design Certified Professional. Steve also has obtained all required EPA Lead Paint training and licensing for homes built before 1978.

Today, Steve continues to personally build a variety of small to mid-size projects with a group of preferred sub-contractors.